Show Off Your Listing and Area

Using Flickr to store and share your photos can be lots of fun and a great resource for engaging conversation and expanding your local audience.

By joining in with Flickr Groups this can be done in a fairly easy way.

First, log into your Flickr account – (If you don’t have one, you know I’m going to suggest you get one! They have a free version which works great, but many people will choose to pay the small yearly fee for upgraded options because it’s worth it.)

Next, search for a group in the area which you sell real estate.
Type in the name of the town. Using the drop down menu, choose [GROUPS].

If there is a group established – JOIN! Browse through photographs that people have posted and comment on some of them to open conversation.

If there isn’t a group for the area yet, create one!

    Building up a collection of local photographs can be a valuable resource:

  • Send buyers a link to your group to check out the area
  • Expand your local database by engaging in conversation with the people who live there and post photos where you work
  • When posting on your website or blog, you will have a library of photos that you took right at your fingertips
  • Keep your camera in your car/pocket/purse and snap away when you’re in the area so you can add to the group

Side note: You can always schedule a PhotoWalk once you have established some relationships…just name a place and time – people meet up and take photos together. You can use the Discussion section in your Group to help spread the word.