Photos are Powerful

I can’t tell you how powerful my local snapshots are when I place them in Flickr and take the time to complete some extra steps.

Here is a photo that I took with my mobile phone, it’s even BLURRY! I’m not saying to make a habit out of taking blurry photos – but it’s all I had to work with on a rainy day and it worked. If you look close, I’ve had 32 views of the photo. Hopefully, most of those are people living in the area in which I practice real estate, all for about 10 minutes worth of work – total !

Build your local photo database and use Flickr as a place to put them online. You’ll have the opportunity for search engines to land on your picture and you can engage with your local sphere.

Flickr is a free online storage -and- social networking program. They do have a Pro option for about $30 a year that I subscribe to in order to have more photos and extra privileges, but the free one works fine, too. I wrote more about Flickr on Tech Hot Tips here.

Advanced Tip: You can have your Flickr account set up an e-mail address that feeds directly into your photo blog after placing the photo in your Flickr Photostream too! How great is that ? One e-mail and your photo shows up on Flickr and your photo blog.